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We will explore a variety of drawing techniques and projects in this week-long workshop to introduce students to different ways of seeing, thinking and drawing. How to sketch form, understanding tonal variations, quality of line, shading, subtractive techniques and much, much more will be covered in this drawing masterclass.

I believe in teaching skills to set students on their own creative journeys!

Our days will be fun and relaxed, with plenty of room to experiment, explore and get into the real nitty-gritty of drawing.

This workshop will focus on object, still life and figure drawing.

To find out more, please head to the ASOC website for enquiries and bookings

Art Society of Canberra, Summer Art Experience in January
9.30am - 4pm
Monday 6th - Friday 10th January 2020
Mt Stromlo High School, 220 Badimara Street, Waramanga ACT

We will work from a life model to develop personal technique and understanding of how to draw the nude and the human face while looking at how the human form has been depicted in art. We will focus on portrait drawing and will explore how to draw the face within the life drawing context, portraiture […]

10am - 4pm
8th December 2019
Weston, Australian Capital Territory

Prestigious Art Awards


A sample of lovely things my buyers and students have said about my work.

I bought 2 gorgeous prints from Leigh. They are of amazing quality, the colours are so vivid and so reasonably priced. Leigh’s work is unique and beautifully detailed. The ordering process was quick and simple. The packaging was fantastic and considering the prints travelled from Australia to Scotland, I had them up on my wall within days of order. I only wish I had more wall space to display more of Leigh’s work! I would absolutely recommend Leigh’s work to anyone – it always draws positive comments from visitors.

Elise Hannah – Fife, Scotland

Art buyer

I have been doing life drawing classes with Leigh Walker since about 2015. In that time Leigh has become both a trusted artistic mentor and a friend. She is relaxed, witty, cheerful, positive and energetic. She is also an accomplished visual artist in her own right and is able to share her knowledge of materials and techniques with her students. She is respectful and encouraging–always able to find the good in her students’ work so as to reassure and gently prod them to try new things and test their creative boundaries. I greatly enjoy Leigh’s teaching and the bonhomie of the life drawing class. That’s why I keep coming back!

John Butcher – Canberra, Australia

Art student

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